What is this course about?

What if there was a way to manage your campaigns AT SCALE with a strategic growth framework?

You could draft stories, prioritize messaging, collaborate on media, and automate omni-channel content to your audience segments all with clear reporting.

True growth is about building a brand with a hierarchy of stories.

Your top most story is your Brand Story. This story is the story that addresses the broad overall AWARENESS message of your brand and how that speaks to your target audience. What the promise is and what your core message is.The stories under that are Campaign Stories. 

The campaign stories are stories which are really focused more on the specific needs of customers, the goals and desires they have and they are kind of like riding the waves of the seasons. They follow thematic, on-going stories and messaging which keeps your audience engaged with your bigger brand story.

Every channel has a format and structure for your stories and in this course we cover how to craft your messages using stories to promote a compelling message to your audience.

In this course you'll learn how to...

🔍 Research Your Market

Grasp the principles and concepts around researching new marketing channels and understanding customers in a comprehensive way. Learn how to gather data and gain key insights on market demand, trends, costs and competition. 

👥 Define Your Audience

Learn how to define your target audience and segment that market into niches. Gather channel specific data and create market/customer models to use for everything we do with your marketing and campaigns

🚹 Build a Unique Brand

Get a clear understanding of your business model, your differentiated value proposition and a strategy for adding value to your market Learn how to translate your brand vision into visual identity and modern style guide that works across channels and platforms. Learn how to create a brand style guide using top design and creative resources. We'll outline your brand strategy and create a clear vision for your brand. We’ll translate your brand vision into visual identity and modern style guide that works across channels and platforms. We’ll develop your brand assets and organize them into your agile marketing workflow.

💎 Develop Engaging Content

Learn how to use create strategic content across the customer journey and how to use creative media to enhance your content. Learn how to create great content assets that you can use within your marketing. We’ll work with you to create content assets for your marketing. You’ll be well equipped with content that you can use in your marketing campaigns and within popular social media channels.

    🛒 Design "Winning" Product Offers

    Discover how to craft compelling offers and package your value propositions.

    💻 Create a Modern Web Experience

    Learn how to create and optimize your web experience to increase conversions on your website.

    Learn how to craft a sales process and facilitate your sales team in order to generate revenue efficiently for B2B/B2C sales and E-commerce.

    We’ll create a modern web experience for your online visitors. We'll look at modern technologies like Webflow and Shopify and help you set up strategic sections to your website that will help you promote your brand and content strategy. We'll discuss sub-domains and how you can use them to enhance your multi-site experience for visitors.

    🌀 Optimizing Your Digital Business Strategy

    We'll take a close look at your company business model. We'll explore how the components of your business creates value and diagnose key business attributes. We’ll help you create a differentiated value proposition and a strategy for entering your market

    🎉 Develop Strategic Campaigns

    Learn how you'll achieve your key marketing objectives and KPIs through strategic marketing strategies and campaigning.

    Explore the strategy behind awarenesslead generation, re-targeting, conversion and how to create the right messaging for your campaigns.

    We’ll teach you how to set up, automate, and optimize your campaigns with strategic messaging, media, and techniques.

    We’ll create key campaign messaging and creative to reach, engage, and convert your target audience into high value customers. We'll look at creating the copywriting, media art direction, and landing pages for achieving your objectives (awareness, lead generation, conversions).

    🌀 Creating Your Campaign Strategy

    We'll create your campaign strategy and marketing funnel to help determine how you’ll achieve KPIs through strategic messaging and marketing campaigns

    📊 Manage Your Data at Scale

    Learn how to set up, manage, and analyze your data for on-going optimization.

    We’ll help you set up, manage, and analyze your data for optimization (including Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics). We’ll analyze your data and pull critical reports to gain insights and make data-driven decisions about your campaigns.

    🎛 Optimize Campaigns for Success

    Explore how to optimize your campaigns through systematic experimentation, split-testing, and data analysis.

    We'll optimize your campaigns through systematic experimentation, split-testing, and data analysis. We’ll use tools like Google Optimize, Hotjar, Opteo, Revealbot, and other software to optimize your campaigns.

    🧨 Scale with Proven Strategies

    Learn how to optimize and scale your business using advanced strategies, data analysis, and automation.

    💸 Increasing Customer LTV Learn how to optimize the customer journey to maximize the LTV of each customer.

    We’ll work through your current marketing funnel and optimize the customer journey to maximize the LTV of each customer. This will increase your CPA and allow you to compete in larger market segments


    A lot of marketers out there are using multiple channels to promote their message and they end up creating content that doesn't help differentiate their voice.

    If you want to break through the noise of the market, you need to differentiate your message and to do that you that you need to understand how to use the principles of branding, content strategy, and campaigning to grow a successful brand in your market.

    What else is included...

    Campaign assets may include:

    • E-books
    • Webinars
    • Email courses
    • Videos
    • Blog posts
    • Case studies
    • And more...

    Customer Support Availability

    We will be available for customer support related inquiries from 9:00AM-6:00PM EET and ask that you please keep your requests during these available hours.

    Data Privacy

    We respect the privacy of our customers and you will receive shared access to all your data along with secure management agreements for 3rd party tools that are integrated into your marketing campaigns. We will work with your organization to follow data privacy regulations in your campaigns.

    Meetings and Coaching Calls

    You may book up to 3 meetings and coaching calls every month to discuss your marketing strategy and brainstorm new opportunities to increase your marketing capabilities.

    Advertising Reports

    We will email a weekly report for campaign performance.

    Campaign timeline

    The campaign will take a few weeks to develop, but will take 2-3 months for optimal performance to be achieved. 

    This will require testing and experimentation for the duration of the campaign period.

    • On-boarding (2-5 days)
    • Week 1: Market Research & Audiences
    • Week 2: Campaign & Brand Strategy
    • Week 3: Agile Campaign Development (LPs, Ads, Analytics)
    • Week 4: Campaign Baselines (Establish new campaign metrics)
    • Week 5: Campaign Experiment A
    • Week 6: Campaign Experiment B
    • Week 7: Campaign Experiment C
    • Week 8: Campaign Experiment D
    • Week 9-11: Campaign Analysis & Automation
    • Week 12: Scaling Benchmark A
    • Week 13: Scaling Benchmark B

    Week 14: Scaling Benchmark C


    Company and position

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    Who we are...

    Roe Ventures

    Roe Ventures is a group of consultants, technologists, and investors with nearly a decade of experience in the tech world. We’re based around the world and focus on coaching, building, and investing in impactful internet brands.